"to be means total c...OM...munication: kill the murderer before he kills you! kiss the lover before he kisses you! see the top of a mountain before the clouds blow away!" (Baihu Fāng 西方白虎方)

"There is nobody behind the costume. That would be the much greater shock if there would be somebody to be shocked!" (LDL)*


Wer "mehr Maske" fordert, muss auch mehr Mystik im Menschsein entwickeln,

damit das Individuum sein Gesicht nicht verliert, sondern sich im leeren Spiegel findet!



February 20, 2021



No chance by any pressure to find your "SELF": The reason why most books don't heal or enlighten YOU but just increase the author's ego wealth is that they tell YOU to do something instead of betraying that (being a) "YOU" (is) are an illusion that makes everybody needing to do anything to reach the so-called last aim that is given already to be honest: the freedom of YOUR][SELF! The "you" that you believe to be is a virus in your mental system: it reduces your awareness to the superstition in the great EGO FAKE. Now the funny paradox is that there is neither a possibility nor a need at all to get rid of that fake because the person "who" wants to be freed from its ego is just the ego itself that believes to be a person. The infinite awareness of the EMPTY BODY starts now!


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May 7, 2021



Psychic structures are made of star dust. Star dust is made of emptiness.


Your ego needs YOU but you don't need ego to survive.


In the end universe itself will speak thru the rest of your presence that stays without standing nowhere:

FLOW HAPPENS, every molecule is part of the empty infinite whole.


Germans like to say:



The ocean is made of drops - no ocean without drops - but the ocean does not exist:

There is no emptiness at all. Everything IS empty itself.


Tell your ego, it will get very angry as it is a paradox although there is no paradox.


Simply: EVERYTHING AND NOTHING is the same.




Trust the process. It's trusting itself. In all directions at the same time. No more ego needed to trust.




* Our statement about the person as a "costume" and the following first article in 2021 titled "EGO VIRUS" were inspired by a typical spiritual quote we found on twitter that day by the well-known guru Mooji: "Don't worry about anything at all. You are not here by accident. This form is just a costume for a while. But the one who is behind the costume, this one is eternal. You must know this..."

WHY WE CALL THE LAST ANSWER "MINDLESSNESS" instead of mindfulness: the crazy problem of the ego wanting to overcome itself to be enlightened although there will be no more person to feel enlightened after it happened. what is THE SOLUTION of that insane paradox? well, very easy indeed: just disidentify from the voice of your ego in your head, do not listen to that voice any longer but trust your TOTAL BODY FEELING BEING EMPTY ALIVE - your body has got a voice that is in direct action without reflecting itself from outside - INFINITY HAS GOT NO OUTSIDE! that is the reason why there is enlightenment but no person to be enlightened. easy, isn't it? (May 17, 2021)

May 18, 2021


you do not need to get rid of ANYTHING as everything IS life how it is. did you ever ask yourself who the person is WHO asks WHO? it is just the voice in your head talking about itself. your ARMS do not talk, your FEET do not talk, your HEART, your HAIR and MOUTH and EYES do not talk: they are all just doing what they do: eyes LOOK, mouth EATS, feet WALK, heart FEELS, hair blows in the wind - where is that ego? nowhere! start MOVING your body from INSIDE with inner awareness instead of reflecting his ability to think about some thoughts that think about some other thoughts to prove that your brain is able to produce THINKING. your body reflects other things: the ground, the dinner, the wind, the beauty of a blade of grass - all those absolute real things that communicate infinitely and do not need any ego to BE: "being" works without ego, ego was once just a feeling of being an individual but not separated. each individual is a wave of the ocean, the ocean itself does not exist without the waves. that truth is called the real EMPTINESS. there is no more emptiness (or paradise or freedom) beyond that fucking real emptiness of which the world is MADE of. this is the madness of the boring simple fact that there is no secret at all. don't trust any guru who wants to sell a secret. find out HIS secret ego behind his holy public mask and you will find a little boy screaming and trembling as he knows well he did not understand the simple enlightenment of existence itself. every religion, every spiritual school and every so-called wisdom teacher is mad(e) of that trembling and screaming in the backyoard of the temple to find deep relaxation from the pressure to perform the top secret towards the fanatical followers that pay the bill for NOTHING...


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2002 hatte die neue Satsang-Bewegung ihren Zenit bereits überschritten. Aus Satsang wurde allmählich Satire, aus Erleuchtung wurde Erschöpfung: das spirituelle Burn-out machte sich breit. Umso leichter wurde es, sich in einen Guru zu verwandeln und Geld mit dem NICHTS zu verdienen. Die LDL macht ab 2020 nur noch BEACH YOGA und empfängt Dich kostenlos ohne Scheinprobleme!


"Während ich mir Mühe gab, dem Blick standzuhalten, und immerzu in seine Pupillen starrte, beschlich mich das Gefühl, ins Leere zu sehen. Ja. Da war überhaupt nichts. Da war keine Persönlichkeit. Es war, als säße da eine Hülle, durch deren Einlässe ich direkt ins Vakuum blickte. Niemand. Kein Anhaltspunkt. Kein Widerstand."  Dietmar Bittrich & Christian Salvesen, DIE ERLEUCHTETEN KOMMEN (2002)


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