Review of the english LDL book "Zero Meditation" ( by Tom de Toys (transreligiö


This fifth book by the LEAGUE OF EMPTY ONES is called the very last one – and the one and only written in English! Therefore i try to formulate my review also in English... The whole book touches me like a mystical ritual because the main theme is repeated again and again in hypnotizing variations: the identity of zeroness and infinity. The enlightened result of that simple knowledge is "neither nihilism nor atheism" (page 16) but means that "there is no dualistic paradox" (page 6). This thin booklet needs only twenty pages to explain basically why "even your thinking itself is just a reflected object of your awareness and therefore a part of the infinite world without transcendental god." (page 14) and that "Therefore everything is ABSOLUTELY connected without back." (page 16) In opposite to all religions that try to catch the "infinite stream of being (...) in an idea called God or Gaia" (page 17) this new transspirituality says that "your ego itself is just an illusion produced by language" (page 19) and exactly this ego illusion "produces an imaginary ideal area 'beyond' (that is God for religious people and nothingness for new spiritual seekers)." (page 19) In transspiritual terms "There is no difference at all between body, i and emptiness. These are just psychotic intellectual problems." (page 20) The loss of these problems makes everything "appear as its own empty suchness" (page 21) so that "YOU ARE THE SELFLESS MOMENT ITSELF" (page 24, original in capital letters) in which "matter becomes aware of itself" (page 26). This final message seems to be rather a general neurobiological conclusion than a special satsang wisdom. It proves again that the authors are no gurus with any esoteric secret to tell.


League of Empty Ones: ZERO MEDITATION, BoD publishing company, Germany 2018


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2002 hatte die neue Satsang-Bewegung ihren Zenit bereits überschritten. Aus Satsang wurde allmählich Satire, aus Erleuchtung wurde Erschöpfung: das spirituelle Burn-out machte sich breit. Umso leichter wurde es, sich in einen Guru zu verwandeln und Geld mit dem NICHTS zu verdienen. Die LDL macht ab 2020 nur noch BEACH YOGA und empfängt Dich kostenlos ohne Scheinprobleme!


"Während ich mir Mühe gab, dem Blick standzuhalten, und immerzu in seine Pupillen starrte, beschlich mich das Gefühl, ins Leere zu sehen. Ja. Da war überhaupt nichts. Da war keine Persönlichkeit. Es war, als säße da eine Hülle, durch deren Einlässe ich direkt ins Vakuum blickte. Niemand. Kein Anhaltspunkt. Kein Widerstand."  Dietmar Bittrich & Christian Salvesen, DIE ERLEUCHTETEN KOMMEN (2002)


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